Haweka Flange Plate Kit (28mm)



28mm Haweka Flange Plate Kit Includes:

Flange Plate A - 4 Lug And 8 Lug Plate

Flange Plate B - 5 Lug Plate

Flange Plate C - 5 Lug Plate

Flange Plate D - 6 Lug Plate

Short Taper Stud - Stud II - 24.5mm Head Diameter, 80mm Long (8 Pcs)

Long Taper Stud - Stud III - 24.5mm Head Diameter, 90mm Long (5 Pcs)

SUV/Light Truck - Stud V - 22.5mm Head Diameter, 100mm Long (8 Pcs)

Trolley And Vehicle Application Chart

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Weight 20 lbs


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