CWW075 Wheel Weight Assortment




The CWW075 lead wheel weight master assortments are comprehensive weight kits that include all seven standard weight types needed for today's passenger car market. It comes complete with a floor-standing rack with ample storage space for the Perfect Equipment invented, color-coded bins to make weight identification quick and easy. Additional installation tools and educational information are also included. Actual kits may vary from inclusion list and photo shown.

Total Pieces: 2,625 (CWW075)
36W × 14.5D × 67H

CWW075 Weight Stand with Lead Weights
18150 Lead Eight-Series Header Card
75K Alloy Wheel Weight Hammer
18082 Truck Wheel Weight Removal Tool
18104 Wheel Protectors Counter Card
RGP1 Passenger Car Rim Gauge


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