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The CH-22 Multi-Tire Changer makes the job easy, fast and economical! No other Multi-Tire Changer works as well as the CH-22, we GUARANTEE it! Everything you need to change 4" to 16.5" tires comes with the CH-22 to accommodate open hub and bearing wheels. Also included with the CH-22 is the patent pending CH-4 Mongoose Tire Tool! Don't turn away any more small tire and wheel business. Add new business, new customers and more profit today with the CH-22 Multi-Tire Changer.

 The CH-22/23 Multi- Tire Changing Station ships with:
  •  CH-22 rim clamp plate - adjustable from 4” to 16.5”, 2 center posts - to accommodate open hub and bearing wheels.
  • CH-23 heavy duty tire changer stand with adjustable bead breaker station and tire tool storage locations. 
  • Patented CH-4 Mongoose Tire Tool! The CH-4 Mongoose is the best tire tool ever made for changing difficult smaller tires thanks to its revolutionary design
  • 2 Center Posts to accommodate multiple types of wheels.
  • Length: 21"
  • Width: 23"
  • Height: 5"
  • Shipping Weight: 26 Lbs
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CH-22 Operations Manual

TSI CH-22 Parts Breakdown


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Weight 27 lbs


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