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Tire Changer, Truck, Demount Tool ONLY

This patented demount tire tool and specially engineered mounting tool will change your business as fast as they'll change truck tires. Only one tool needed to demount and only one tool needed to mount tires. The Demount and Mount tools will not damage beads, saving valuable casings for successful re-treading. Eliminate the need to lift tire and rim to remove the bottom bead, preventing strain or serious injury. Tubeless tire can be demounted in 8 seconds and remounted in less than 20. Use the TNT-100 to demount truck tires 17.5 through 24.5 with ease.  The TNT-100 does not damage beads.

  • The TNT-100-1 Tire Tool patented demounting tool is specially engineered and will change your business as fast as it will demount tubeless truck tires
  • Features include rollers on the TNT-100-1 demount tool to protect from rim damage and an ergonomically designed handle
  • Only one tool needed to demount tires
  • Tool will not damage tire beads saving valuable casings for retreading
  • TNT-100-1 demount tool eliminates the need to lift the tire and rim to remove bottom tire bead
  • Saves time! A tubeless tire can demounted in as little as 8 seconds
  • Some tubeless tires can be demounted without removing the wheel from the vehicle
  • Quickly demount tires 17.5 inch to 24.5 inch
  • Can be used on tubeless truck tires including Super Singles size 315

TNT-100-1 demount tool is ideal for Dayton type (center less) and Budd type disc wheels

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