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26" Outside Clamping Capacity, Tilt-Tower Tire Changer

This tilt-tower tire changer features 26" outside clamping standard, 30" outside clamping with optional adapters. Total tire and wheel diameter to 47" and wheel width to 16". This tire changer can handle virtually every wheel available today from the OEM?s or the aftermarket. Tilt-tower units feature automatic pneumatic locking of the wheel offset to provide maximum cosmetic safety for expensive wheels. The tilt-tower also provides the technician with maximum clearance for placing wheels and tires in the mount/de-mount clamping position. Standard is the Pneumatic Bead Assist. The assist function is positioned on the right side, convenient to the technician. Three individual assemblies, a top pressing roller, a bead depressing foot and a lifting disc aid the technician in mounting and de-mounting today?s low-aspect and run-flat tires.

Maximum versatility for todays and tomorrows wheels; no turned away customers.
Racing wheels are no problem
More subtle movement of blade ensures careful handling of wheel during operation
Provides optimum bead breaker angle for improved productivity
Prevents slippage and possible wheel damage
Eases operator effort, but still allows manual guidance of movement
Positions mount/de-mount head in optimum position to minimize potential wheel damage
Polymer insert protects wheel and prevents clear coat damage
More precisely centers the wheel for mount and de-mount
Improves productivity via more organized work area
Hands-free productivity
Versatility at hand when needed
Double-acting bead-breaking cylinder
Bead breaker (adjustable in 2 positions) with robust, anti-skid contact pad
Over-sized bead-breaking blade
Pneumatically-controlled movement of the mounting head toward the wheel
One-part mounting head is vertically and laterally adjustable in spaced apart position relative to the wheel
Mounting head is equipped as standard with plastic protection in the nose
Mounting column pneumatically hinged to the rear upon pedal operation
Self-centering four-jaw chuck with two clamping cylinders
Inner part of the jaw is equipped with plastic protection for the wheel
Dedicated storage for quick exchange device
Foot operated inflation gauge
Table inflation with outside tank
Standard quick exchange device as standard
Pneumatic Bead Assist MH320 standard
Capable of handling run flat tires EMT, DSST, RFT, eufori@, ZeroP, SSR
Capable to handle CSR and PAX using an optional CSR or PAX adapter for the MH320

Outer Clamping Range: 12" - 26" (16" - 30"*)
Inner Clamping Range: 14" to 28"
Maximum Wheel Width: 16"
Maximum Breaking Bead Width: Position 1: 2.5" - 12"
Position 2: 6" - 16.5"
Number of Pedals: 4
Clamping Cylinder Diameter: 2.95"
Bead Breaker Power: 3,500 lbs.
Recommended Floor Space: 72" wide × 78" deep
Compressed Air Supply: 110 - 170 lbs.
Power Requirements: 120V, 1Ph, 60Hz
Shipping Weight: 590 lbs.

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