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The BFH 1000 is the most advanced diagnostic wheel balancing system in the industry. Designed for power users and high-volume shops, the BFH 1000 boasts the fastest floor-to-floor time in the industry, and also provides revenue-generating advanced diagnostics, such as wheel weight management functionality, behind-spoke weight placement and wheel-to-tire matching.

Recommends lower weight amounts whenever possible to drive cost reduction
Shows productivity benefits over time in dollars saved and also the amount of weight savings as a percentage of total weight used
Tracks weights used over time by color type and weight
Records weights used on every job automatically
Tailors weight purchases to save money by buying only what you need
*Patented and/or Patent Pending Features
Determine whether the wheel is in or out of tolerance
Perform runout at the bead seat for diagnosis of wheel-only problems
Spokes are counted so that weights can be placed behind spokes as needed
A pass-fail graphic displays whether tread depth is above or below present height

The Benefits of Opti-Line*

Helps to improve ride performance and pull problems that cannot be fixed by wheel alignment alone
Eliminates multiple tire rotations to reposition tires and reduces times required for road tests significantly
Handles any kind of wheel, including wheels with directional tires
Addresses pull- or vibration-related issues by suggesting the optimal location for each wheel in the set based on tire conicity (pulls) or radial runout (vibration)
Enhances straight-ahead steering stability of the vehicle

Power supply: 240V, 1Ph, 60 Hz
Range of diameter centering cone: 4 cones: 1.7" - 5.2"
Length of shaft: 7.5" (190 mm)
Diameter of shaft: 1.57" (40 mm)
Measuring speed: 200 rpm
Balancing accuracy: 0.05 oz (1g)
Scanner accuracy: 0.0039" (0.1 mm)
Wheel width (dynamic balancing): 3 - 20"
Wheel diameter: 8 - 30"
Max. wheel assembly width: 21" (530 mm)
Max. wheel assembly diameter: 44" (1,117 mm)
Maximum wheel weight: 154 lbs. (70 kg)
Kind of data entry for DISTANCE: Automatic, non-touch
Kind of data entry for DIAMETER: Automatic, non-touch
Kind of data entry for WIDTH: Automatic, non-touch
Dimensions (W × D × H): 64" × 64" × 64"
Weight: 550 lbs.

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