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VPI System II Digital Wheel Balancer, Virtual Plane Imaging Technology

The VPI System II wheel balancer provides the ideal combination of performance and value. With proven Virtual Plane Imaging™ technology and advanced, money-making features, the VPI System II wheel balancer gives your shop all the tools needed to boost profits. All John Bean balancers feature the industry?s best balancing technology - Virtual Plane Imaging (VPI™). Because the wheel and tire assembly is placed between the sensors electronically, VPI™ technology provides unsurpassed measuring accuracy! This configuration physically locates the sensors outside the cabinet - away from internal temperature fluctuations and other stresses. As a result, VPI Balancers offer the ultimate in precision and repeatability.

Use the inner auto-assist data input arm to quickly and accurately capture wheel distance and diameter, and also to place tape weights behind spokes or on the inside edge of the wheel
Inner Auto-Assist Data Input Arm Measures Wheel Distance and Diameter
Inner Auto-Assist Data Input Arm also places tape weights behind spokes or on inner edge of wheel
Stores all data parameters for up to five different tire sizes commonly used in your shop - enabling faster setups
Allows up to four technicians to work on the same balancer!
Track number of spins and balances over time
Helps reduce weights used while maintaining acceptable balance and ride quality. The operator has the option of using a smaller (less costly) weight with a touch of a button

Max. Wheel and Tire Assembly Weight: 133 lbs.
Max. Wheel and Tire Assembly Diameter: 44"
Max. Wheel and Tire Assembly Width: 21"
Maximum Wheel Diameter: 30"
Shaft Diameter: 40 mm
Data Entry: Auto-Assist Data Input Arm (Wheel Distance & Diameter) and Manual Entry (Wheel Width)
Quick-Nut: Yes
Weight Storage Pockets: 19
WeightMiser™: Yes
Display: Integrated 3-Window LED
Measuring Speed: 100 RPM
Balance Accuracy: 0.035 oz.
Footprint: 51" x 48"
Shipping Weight: 325 lbs.
Power Requirements: 230V, 1Ph, 60Hz

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