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Genisys EVO with ABS / Air Bag Cables

Includes Genisys EVO featuring the System 5.0 with Code-Assist™ and Repair-Trac® experienced-based Confirmed fixes from Identifix®, NEW USA 2013 Domestic / Asian with ABS and European 2012 software including Pathfinder, Fast fixes information, InfoTech Component Information software, Automated System Test®, OBD II Smart Cable, USA Domestic and ABS/Airbag OEM vehicle cables (for GM, Ford, Chrysler, Jeep, Saturn), manuals, and carrying case. - See more at: OTC Tools

NOTE: OEM cables may be required for certain vehicle system functions.

  • Fastest, Most Intuitive Code-to-Fix Solution: A faster path to fix the car that significantly reduces detective work and labor hours
  • ASE-certified support team
  • System 5.0 Code-Assist library contains over 4.5 million experience-based fixes
  • Backed by the OTC 30-Year Brand Promise famous for expert Sales, Service and Nationwide Training Support
  • Exclusive TPR TPMS: No manual data entry with wireless sensor registration via Bluetooth and TPMS repair information.
  • Additional Options: 4 channel scope and 5 gas analyzer
  • Time-Saving Automated System Test: An even faster all system DTC test will provide a quick Health check of the vehicle.
  • On-Board Battery: Allows access to repair information when not connected to a vehicle.
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