TruStack Tire Dolly


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TruStack Tire Dolly - Mobile Tire Display - Transport - Storage

Tire Stacks in your garage? What a pain! If you are a homeowner with seasonal tires stored in your garage, or if you’re an auto-enthusiast with a beautiful shop that includes extra tires for your Hot Rod, 4X4, or Weekend Racer, then you know how irritating those unsightly stacks of tires can be. They are dirty and unstable, they leave a near permanent chemical stain on your floor wherever they are stacked, and you practically give yourself a hernia every time you try to clean behind them.

The TruStack Tire Dolly solves ALL of this. When you stack your tires on a TruStack Tire Dolly, you build a nice straight stack one time and anchor the whole stack to the base using the provided lash strap. Now you have a mobile unit of tires that is elevated from the floor, eliminating stains, backache, and the desire to procrastinate. It lets you move the whole stack at one time wherever you want it. You can even add your own ?at surface to the top and create a mobile worktable!

  • Roll it out. Roll it in. Easily redeploy displays.
  • Elevate tire stacks. Eliminate floor stains.
  • Tires are securable - No teeter and topple.
  • Locking casters and 12' lash trap included
  • Reduce wasted labor from repetition
  • Reduce liability exposure from instability

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