Ranger RTJ-3000 Transmission Jack



This rugged super-duty transmission jack has a 3000 lb. lifting capacity.

The RTJ-3000 has a heavy lifting capacity and its durable construction lets you safely and easily remove, transfer and install vehicle transmissions, transaxles and other drive-train components from passenger cars, vans and light trucks. It's the heaviest built transmission jack on the market and the preferred equipment choice of transmission service professionals worldwide. Compare this unit with any other brand on the market and you will see why it's America's most popular transmission jack.

Foot operated pump
Alloy-plated ram
Two-stage design
Extra wide base
Safety overload system
Fully adjustable saddle tilts four ways
Heavy-duty steel swivel casters
Two, push/pull handles
Heavy-duty chain anchors
Heavy steel construction for maximum durability
Sealed hydraulic unit prevents contamination
Double-sealed hydraulics for longer service life
Heavy-duty chain anchors keep loads secure
Steel roller bearings are included underneath the table and on the
ends of the adjustment screw to minimize friction and allow for
effortless table adjustment even when loaded
Fully adjustable universal saddle adapts to passenger car and light truck
automatic transmissions and transaxle assemblies
Fine-thread adjustment screws with oversized knobs make adjusting the table a cinch
Two-stage design provides an extended lifting height of over 79
Hardened chrome-moly ram prohibits rust from entering hydraulic system
Convenient pull handle for extra handling capability
System overload system prevents the jack from being used beyond its rated capacity.
Extra-wide base and four heavy-duty swivel bell bearing casters provides a
low center of gravity and exceptional maneuverability

Capacity First Stage: 3000 lbs. / 1361 Kg.
Capacity Second Stage: 2000 lbs. / 907 Kg.
Lowered Height: 37" / 940 mm.
Raised Height: 79-1/2" / 2019 mm.
Base Dimensions: 45" x 45" / 1143 mm. x 1143 mm.
Dimensions: 16" x 23" x 40" / 406 mm. x 584 mm. x 1016 mm.
Shipping Weight: 228 lbs. / 104 kg.

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