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Nitrogen Generator, 15 gal portable tank, 5.1 cfm, Vacuum System, Purity gauge, Banner - With Auto-Inflator (4 hose), Purity Selector & Fill Gun

Easy, Convenient & Profitable - NitroPRO® nitrogen production and delivery systems generate on-demand nitrogen using shop air and feature an onboard storage reservoir, triple filtration system for system purity and membrane longevity and automatic shutoff for less air compressor on-time.
Fast Service Speed - All NitroPRO® nitrogen generation stations feature a unique single tire inflation/deflation process to quickly exhaust air and moisture from the tire and fill with nitrogen. Multi-tire NitroPRO® generators utilize an exclusive algorithm for the tire deflation/inflation process
Easy N2 Service Validation - Every NitroPRO® unit comes standard with a NitroPRO hand-held nitrogen purity tester to provide a quick and accurate nitrogen purity assessment for tires or reservoir. It is very convenient to use, very accurate and is highly reliable.
NitroPRO Membrane Technology - RTI's NitroPRO® membrane performs consistently over a wide temperature range and will not deteriorate in cool garage environments. All NitroPRO® polymer membranes are fully aged and stabilized before factory shipment to maximize and maintain NitroPRO®'s high nitrogen purity and generation performance for many years to come. NitroPRO® is a large-bore membrane. That means the membrane fiber is less susceptible to contamination

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