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IQv Series Universal Battery Charger


The innovative IQv Series battery charger digitally communicates with every IQv Series lithium-ion or nickel cadmium battery, regardless of voltage, to identify its chemistry, voltage, and conditon - and then optimize the charging cycle. The unique Renew feature counters memory effect to extend the usable life of the battery.

Charges all IQv Series Batteries
Optimizes charge through digital communication with IQv Series batteries
Constant monitoring for safe trickle charge
Onboard charge level gauge displays charge of both lithium-ion and nickel cadmium batteries
Advanced diagnostics identifies and alerts user of memory effect or degradation
Renew feature restores dead batteries to like new capacity, extending pack life up to 3 times longer than competitors
Separate power cord and internal voltage switch allows charger to work anywhere in the world

Weight lbs. (kg) [With Cord]: 1.75 (0.79)
Charge Time: 1 hour or less
Input VAC: 110-240
Output V: 7.2-19.2

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