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TransTech III Transmission Service System
TransTech III is designed to exchange virtually all of the used ATF in a vehicle's transmission, and do it in only one simple step!

The TransTech III Transmission Service System can increase a shop's profit by reducing the time it takes to do a complete fluid exchange to approximately 10 minutes! This new turnkey transmission service system is easy to use and is compatible with most foreign and domestic vehicles.

How TransTech III Works
TransTech's advanced electronic interface allows complete, one-touch control. It even has a quick and easy "Drain Pan" function for transmission filter changes during exchange.

TransTech III connects through transmission cooler lines and provides a clean, environmentally friendly and systematic approach to servicing transmissions. The unit will flush virtually all of the old transmission fluid and replace it with the new fluid while the engine is idling. Best of all, there's nothing to adjust, the machine controls the flow!

Normally, when a technician drains the transmission, the torque converter, clutch drums, cooler and the valve body will retain large amounts of old, burnt and dirty fluid. By allowing the vehicle's transmission pump to flush out the old while the TransTech III system pumps in new fluid, virtually all of the old fluid can be replaced.

The TransTech III completes the fluid exchange faster and more efficiently because of its unique interface and easy-to-use design.

TransTech Solutions
MotorVac provides two solutions that when used can further enhance the TransTech service. A specially formulated ATF cleaner suspends and gently removes harmful varnish, sludge, and contaminants from the transmission system, torque converter, pump cooler and fluid lines. An ATF conditioner will help keep seals pliable and reduce the possibility of leakage, reducing fluid oxidation and heat related breakdowns. These solutions will help quiet and smooth shifting, improve performance and extend transmission life.

  • 12-volt DC power makes this unit portable
  • "One Touch" electronic display allows for quick and easy operation
  • "Drain Pan" electronic function for filter change during ATF exchange
  • Sturdy, compact design is great for longevity and convenience
  • Two 26-quart reservoirs for large capacity transmissions
  • Audible low-fluid alarm and indicator light for safe operation
  • Lighted display gives visual indication when unit is powered on
  • High volume fluid pumps allow service to be completed in 10 minutes
  • Electrical surge protection for added safety precaution
  • Complete cooling line adapter kit provides ability to service most foreign and domestic vehicles
  • Automatic bypass prevents the transmission from running out of fluid at end of service
  • High volume fluid pump allows waste tank to empty rapidly after service
  • Power Cord: 10' / 14 Gauge
  • Power Supply: 12-volt DC Operation
  • Two 26-quart Reservoirs
  • Circuit Protection: 10 AMP Fuse Fast Blow
  • 2 - 8" Wheels / 2 - 2 1/2" Casters
  • Filters: Internal Screen mesh-Serviceable
  • Pumps: 2
  • Pressure Gauge: 0 - 160 psi (2" dia.)
  • Hoses: 10' Clear Braided Output Return with Quick Coupler Drain and Check Valves
  • Cabinet: Plastic Rotomolded
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