DieselTune IDT-4000


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Professional fuel system service for diesel engine applications


How the DieselTune Works

The DieselTune is a 2-line cleaning system that connects to the
engine through quality OEM specific adapters. The IDT 4000
passes a concentrated mixture of MotorVac cleaning detergent
and diesel fuel through the components of the fuel system
while the engine is running. The system removes organic and
inorganic fuel deposits that build up in fuel injector, injection
pumps and combustion chambers. Carbon, gum and varnish
in the entire upper engine are dissolved and removed during
combustion, then passed harmlessly out of the exhaust.


  • Restore Fuel Economy
  • Restore Peak Horsepower
  • Lower Exhaust Opacity and Harmful Emissions
  • Extend Fuel Injector and Fuel Pump Life
  •  Improve Cold Weather Starting
  •  Reduce Fuel System Downtime


  • Automatic Operation
  • Patented Microprocessor-Based, Solid State Controls
  • Self Contained Mobile Cart
  • Engine Specific Adapter Package
  • Safe For Use In All Diesel Engines
  • On-Panel Operator Instructions
  • Industrial Quality Pump and Fuel Filter
  • Exclusive Electronic Pressure Control
  • Automatically Maintains Correct Pressure and Flow
  • Electronic Indicator and Warning Alarms
  • High Contrast Multi-Function LCD Displays
  • Exclusive Soak Mode

Technical Specifications

  • Power Supply - 12-24 Volt DC Operation
  • Power Leads 10', 14 Gauge Heavy Duty
  • Vacuum Gauge 2.5" 0-30 in. hg.
  • Pressure Gauge 3.5" 0-150 PSI 0-11 Bar
  • Timer 0-60 Minute Adjustable
  • Hoses - 10' Each Nylon Reinforced Output and Return
  • Wheels 8"
  • Fuel Tank Capacity - 4.6 Gallons
  • Shipping: Weight 85 lbs. (100 lbs.), Height 41" Tall (104.14 cu. ft.), Width 24" Wide (60.96 cu. ft.), Depth 19" Deep (48.26 cu. ft.)
  • Cabinet Plastic Rotomolded
  • One Year Limited Warranty
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Weight 100 lbs


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