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Why use the MotorVac BrakeVac System?
The BrakeVac II MBV 8100 brake bleeder machine is a simple, user friendly and efficient way to flush and bleed today's high tech brake systems. The MBV 8100 reduces the concerns associated with both air pressure and vacuum style brake bleeding. This system can complete a full brake system flush in 10 minutes. The one man operation ensures maximum profitability for the shop by allowing other technicians to service other vehicles.

How the MotorVac BrakeVac System Works.
The BrakeVac II MBV 8100 bleed and flush process allows complete control and provides a systematic and efficient approach to conducting a thorough exchange service. First, the machine facilitates a timely, effective "one-man" operation that better protects the technician's safety and conducts an environmentally friendly service. The adjustable pressure regulator enables the technician to set the operating pressure between 0 and 30 PSI and more importantly maintains constant pressure at all four wheels throughout the service. The easy to read fluid level indicator eliminates the guess work by showing the exact fluid levels. In the event the bleeder runs low on fluid in the middle of a service, the low level warning indicator instantly informs the operator of a low fluid condition with its dual alert system. The BrakeVac II MBV 8100 will automatically shut itself off, preventing air from getting into the brake system. The one gallon new fluid tank and external waste tank allows the mechanic to do multiple services quickly and efficiently. The BrakeVac II MBV 8100 includes a complete set of custom adapters to service virtually all current vehicle models.


MotorVac BrakeVac II Instructional Video


  • Complete Brake System Flush in Just 10 minutes
  • One Man Operation
  • Fast and Easy Fill  Process
  • Adjustable Pressure Control Regulates Constant Operating Pressure to All Four Wheels
  • Extra Long 10 Foot Pressure Hose with Quick Disconnect Coupler Assures Full Lift Extension
  • Easy to View Tank Allows for Fast Visual Check Of Fluid in the Reservoir
  • Protable Operates on 12 Volts DC
  • Free 1-800 Tech Support Team

BrakeVac II by MotorVac is also available for order without adapters. Please call to order part no. 500-8105.

Technical Specifications

  • Power Cord - 16.5'
  • Power Supply - 12 Volt DC
  • Pressure Gauge - 0-85 PSI/ 0-6 Bar
  • Circuit Protection - 15 AMP Circuit Breaker
  • Hoses - 11.5'
  • Tanks - 1 Gallon Clean and 1 Removalble Waste Tank
  • Pumps - Two 1 GPM
  • Ship Weight - 85lbs
  • Ship Height - 41"
  • Ship Width - 24"
  • Ship Depth - 19"
  • Cabinet - Rotomolded
  • One Year Limited Warranty
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BrakeVac II Operation Manual

BrakeVac II PDF Brochure

BrakeVac II Adapter List

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