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Brake Fluid Exchanger, Pressure / Vacuum, 4 qt Fill, 20 qt Waste

The new standard for brake flush service fast, simple, automated, effective and profitable! A special push/pull process flushes the entire system and provides the highest quality service. The BFX-2 does the job right.

Connect to the vehicle, then complete the fluid exchange in only 5-10 minutes!
Universal master cylinder adapters with vehicle reference quick guide for extremely easy hook-up
Logical controls with intuitive layout
Quickly adapts to many types of brake fluid bottles (or use RTI-supplied fluid tank).
Automatic shut-off and illuminated warning lights when new fluid tank is empty or used tank is full
Easy hose hook-up and storage
Convenient pistol wand allows quick and accurate filling of master cylinder
RTI realizes the machine needs to work properly to maximize your productivity!
Years of development and testing before introductionproven reliability
Only quality components are usedkeeps machine operating productively
Rugged cabinet with special powder coated steel to resist brake fluid corrosiveness
Each unit is factory tested for proper operation and performance before shipment
Heavy-duty packaging to get the machine from RTI to you in NEW condition Effective and Professional
Special pressure/vacuum (push/pull) operation for extra fluid flow and better exchange
Isolates one bleeder at a time for optimum purity
Performs OEM recommended bleeding sequences
Process eliminates unwanted air
Pressure Gauge assists in diagnosing brake system leaks
Works on ABS and non-ABS brake systems

Electrical: 12 VDC - 10 Amp
Pumps Vacuum Pump: diaphragm 1.6 gal, (6 liter) per minute
Fill Pump: diaphragm 1.4 gal, (5.3 liter) per minute
Fluid Tank Capacities: 5 gal (19 liter) Used, 1 gal (3.8 liter) New
Fluid Types: DOT 3 & DOT 4 Brake Fluid
Drain Hose: Black EPDM 1/4 in (0.6 cm), 12 ft (3.7 m) long
Vacuum Hoses: Black EPDM 3/16 in (0.8 cm) with 90 degree rubber connectors, 20 ft (6 m) rear (Qty=2) and 12 ft (3.7 m) front (Qty=2)
Fill Hose: Black EPDM 1/4 in (0.6 cm), 12 ft (3.7 m) long
Adapter Set: Contains universal adapters for master cylinders
Dimensions: 49 in x 20 in x 22 in, 125 cm x 41 cm x 56 cm (H x W x D)
Weight: 120 lb (55 kg) with adapters
Warranty: 1 Year Parts and Labor

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