Ranger RL-18C On-The-Car Lathe



Precision On-The-Car Brake Lathe.



The highly accurate and dependable RL-18C on-the-car brake lathe with power drive unit provides a consistently superior on-the-car rotor finish by combining accuracy and speed features that work together to help tackle today's complex rotor finishing challenges. The unmatched precision and accuracy of the RL-18C increases productivity by reducing floor-to-floor times and minimizing comebacks. Our exclusive variable speed power-drive turns spindles at a fast or slow speeds for better finish cuts and specially designed adapters assure that rotors are machined to exact manufacturer's specifications. Our patented quick-yoke and coupling device attaches to a single lug bolt and automatically centers itself to the power drive shaft. The RL-18C lathe attaches directly to the brake caliper bracket, insuring fast easy machining with no need for timely run-out compensation procedures.

Provides a consistently superior on-the-car rotor finish.
Attaches easily to the caliper.
Simultaneously machines both sides of the rotor parallel eliminating run-out problems.
Rigid mounting and precision tool-holders eliminates flexing for maximum accuracy.
Specially designed adapters assure that rotors are machined to the manufacturer's specifications.
Comes standard with power-drive system that eliminates the need to rely on the car's engine to turn the rotor.
Variable speed power-drive turns spindle at fast or slow speeds for better finish cuts.
The power-drive system allows for the ultimate surface finish for on-the-car machining by maintaining proper turning speed.
Sturdy cast iron construction.
Patented yoke attaches to a single lug bolt & automatically centers itself.
Patented coupling of the drive unit can be easily aligned with the yoke in preparation for machining.
Simple, user-friendly controls. Heavy-duty, fully adjustable power-drive stand.
Storage space and blow-molded plastic carrying case fro tools and accessories.
Emergency stop switch.
Heavy duty locking caster allows for fast and stable positioning of power drive assembly.

Max Rotor Thickness: 1-5/8"
Max Rotor Diameter: 13-1/2"
Drive Unit; Motor: 1/2 HP / 110/220 Volts, 50/60 Hz. 1-Phase
Dimensions: 31" x 22" x 12" / 787 mm. x 559 mm. x 305 mm.
Shipping Weight: 126 lbs. / 57 kg.

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