Monty Universal 2 Lever-less Automated Tire Changer


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The Hofmann monty Universal 2 provides precision movement of the specially designed laser-guided demount tool.

The Hofmann monty Universal 2 provides precision movement of the specially designed laser-guided demount tool. Additional standard labor-saving features included on the monty Universal 2 are: ZipLock center clamping of the wheel, integrated wheel lift, dual-position disc-style bead breaker, pneumatic bead assist, two-speed drive system and top-side bead inflation.

Wheel Lift

  • Designed to assist the technician and reduce fatigue.
  • Reduces the chance of damaging expensive wheels.

ZipLock Center Clamping

  • Patented wheel clamping system is fast and easy.
  • Protective table and centering cones reduce the chance of wheel damage.
  • Adjustable working height is perfect for any size tire or technician.
Patented Wheel Clamping Protective Table and Centering Cones Adjustable Working Height

Dual-Position Bead Breaker

Operator Control Panel Polymer Disc Locking Position
Operator Control Panel. Polymer disc wont damage wheels or tire sensors. Locking disc position is quick and accurate on both sides of the tire.

Laser-Guided Demount Tool

  • Foot pedal control swings demount tool into position.
  • Laser guides technician to ensure proper position of demount tool.
  • Simple control inserts the demount tool between the wheel flange and tire.
  • Bead is lifted over the wheel flange effortlessly.
Laser-Guided Demount Tool Laser-Guided Demount Tool Laser-Guided Demount Tool

Pneumatic Bead Assist

Pneumatic Bead Assist

  • Maintains top bead in drop-center on difficult performance wheels.
  • Reduces the chance of top bead damage.
  • Allows one technician to change any wheel.

Two-Speed Drive System

Two-Speed Drive System

  • Foot pedal motor control system delivers the right torque and speed.
  • Two speeds: Low speed with high torque, and fast speed with less torque.

Topside Inflation

Topside Inflation

  • No need to demount the wheel from the tire changer.
  • Inflates difficult wheels quickly and easily.

Wheel Diameter Range 12" - 30"

Maximum Tire Diameter 47"

Maximum Wheel Width 17"

Maximum Wheel Weight
154 lbs

Air Requirements
110 to 170 PSI

Dimensions (DxWxH)

Shipping Weight
770 lbs

Power Requirements
120V, 1Ph, 60HZ

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