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Hofmann's most advanced wheel balancer, the geodyna Optima, is the industry's first balancer to use patented non-contact laser technology with CCD cameras to automatically capture measurements including distance, diameter and width, radial and lateral run-out, and spoke count/location in less than 30 seconds. The geodyna Optima combines patented Virtual Plane Measurement (VPM) technology with easy-to-use operator features to diagnose hidden wheel and tire vibration problems. The geodyna Optima will drive your productivity by solving these problems before they become customer complaints. The geodyna Optima also includes our patented wheel weight management software at no additional cost to help manage your weight inventory. Weight Wizard* will track actual wheel weight usage by clip style and weight. WeightMiser weight reduction software allows a shop to reduce the amount of wheel weights used to balance a set of wheels.

Virtual Plane Measurement Technology (VPM)
Automatic "Touchless" entry of distance, diameter, and width*
Automatic "Touchless" measurement of radial and lateral run-out*
Automatic selection of weight placement mode*
Automatic selection of correction planes
Laser pointer or geodata gauge arm*
Auto Lock System for geodata gauge arm*
Split weight mode HSP
Geometric matching*
Automatic braking of wheel after measurement
Automatic orientation of wheel into correction position after measurement
Pedal operated main shaft lock
V-belt motor drive for constant speed
Power Clamp*
17" Color LCD Flat Screen Monitor
ASANetwork Compatible
Full wheel guard
Installation is possible directly near a wall

Centering Cone Range: 1.625" - 4.5"
Shaft Diameter: 40 mm
Measuring Speed: 200 RPM
Rim Width: 1" - 20"
Rim Diameter: 8" - 30"
Maximum Wheel Width: 21"
Maximum Wheel Diameter: 38"
Maximum Wheel Weight: 150 lbs.
Dimensions (W x H x D): 48" x 68" x 54"
Shipping Weight: 400 lbs.
Power Requirements: 100 - 240 V, 1Ph, 50/60 Hz

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