Hofmann Geodyna 9600P EEWB723D Wheel Balancer


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The Hofmann Geodyna 9600P is a high-performance wheel balancer designed for high-volume tire shops. The Geodyna 9600P delivers the fastest floor-to-finish time of any wheel balancer on the market

The Hofmann Geodyna 9600P is a high-performance, feature-packed wheel balancer designed for high-volume tire shops. The geodyna 9600p delivers the fastest floor-to-finish time of any wheel balancer on the market. The technician simply places the wheel onto the balancer shaft and taps on the foot pedal to activate the Power Clamp, then closes the wheel guard and the balancer does the rest

Automatic Data Entry: The geodyna 9600p automatically captures a
3-Dimensional image of the tire/wheel using using a combination of laser
imaging and sonic sensor to obtain the wheel and tire parameters.

Power Clamp: The geodyna 9600p automatically clamps the tire
and wheel assembly in place with a simple touch of the foot brake. Wheel
clamping pressure is automatically monitored by the balancers computer
system insuring repeatable results.

Data Freeze: This software feature allows the technician to
save the wheel data from the first tire balanced, reducing the cycle
time and increasing productivity.

Automatic Spoke Placement: The laser imaging camera automatically counts and
identifies spoke position during the balancing cycle. The technician is
guided by on-screen prompts and a laser pointer to position the
correction weight behind the spoke.

Tire/Wheel Matching: The geodyna 9600p features either wheel only or
tire and wheel matching for a precision balance. The technician is
guided by easy-to-use on-screen prompts through the matching procedure.

Weight Wizard*:Weight Wizard Wheel Weight Management Software
tracks both the types of weights and weight sizes that are actually
being used. Knowing the most popular usage, the shop can tailor the
weight purchasing requirements by location and avoid excessive expense
and waste. The inner scanner determines the wheels rim
profile for the weight type as defined by industry recognized standards
for clip weight type. The clip shape and weight color code is indicated
across the top row of the weight usage chart. Weight amounts are listed
along the side. Upon un-clamping the wheel, the weight type, including
both clip type and adhesive weight type, and weight amount are written
to the Weight Wizard weight usage tracking file.

WeightMiser: Optional WeightMiser software determines the
possibility of reducing static and dynamic imbalance below the given
thresholds using a single weight. If a single weight approach is
feasible, then it is recommended. If not, then two-weight balancing is
recommended with amounts lower than precision balance recommendations. WeightMiser also features a Weight Savings
screen. This screen is a counter that tracks WeightMiser savings. It
accepts input for dollar amounts on the cost of tape and clip type
weights (by the pound) and runs daily and cumulative totals, for instant
reviews of your savings!

Centering Cone Range 1.625" - 4.5"
Shaft Diameter 40 mm
Measuring Speed 200 rpm
Maximum Wheel Width 21"
Maximum Wheel Diameter 30"
Maximum Tire Diameter 44"
Maximum Wheel and Tire Assembly Weight 154 lbs.
Motor 1 HP (acceleration HP)
Cycle Time From 6 seconds
Read-Outs Gram or Ounce
Accuracy 1g or 0.05 oz
Balancing Modes 10
Dimensions (DxWxH) 62"x52"x58"
Shipping Weight 560 lbs.
Power Requirements 120V, 1Ph, 60HZ
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