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The heavy-truck ready HD-18A pulls double duty as both a legendary 18,000-lb. capacity lift and an alignment system.

BendPak's HD-Series alignment lifts are engineered to meet the strenuous demands of even your toughest professional lifting jobs. Designed into every HD-Series lift is a laundry list of key features as long as your arm to ensure that BendPak is the absolute best you can buy. Our competitors might say we overdo it, but we don't include components for the sake of frills and flash. We design our lifts with the attributes we feel should come standard with every lift the kind of lift we would want to (and do) own. Take the HD-18A for instance. This is the sturdy beast you want as the backbone of your shop; especially if you want to specialize in servicing heavy trucks. Our alignment system features front turn plates and rear slip plates built right into the runways. The wheels always respond to your adjustments with no resistance or hassle. We call it "free floating." You'll call unbelievably easy. It's just another way that you can bet on BendPak lifts for increased durability, safety and productivity. Spend less time worrying about what you're working under and more time doing what you love. Our commercial-grade lifts are second to none and recognized the world-over as benchmarks of dependability and quality. Heck, it's how we got our slogan.

Love the aligning convenience offered by the HD-18A, but need more lifting power or longer runways? Consider the 27,000-lb. capacity HD-27A, the extended 27,000-lb. capacity HD-27XA, the 35,000-lb. capacity HD-35A and its extended version HD-35XA.

Dependable design
4 heavy-duty, high-quality, stainless steel lifting cables and a single hydraulic cylinder mounted underneath the runway makes this lift the most durable, maintenance-free lifting system on the market.

Dual-hub cable sheaves
Reduce stress and fatigue on the axles, sheaves and cables. We insist on using dual-hub cable sheaves, even if they cost us more to make. When you buy BendPak, we throw in peace of mind as a free gift.

Multi-level locking positions
The HD-18A is equipped with multiple adjustable height locking positions for variable-height parking. A convenient push-button pneumatic safety lock control releases all four independent safety locks simultaneously.

Heavy-duty aircraft cable
Each lift is supplied with 4 high-quality stainless steel lifting cables, rated at 40,000 lbs. each. The combined rating of these cables is over 888% of the maximum lifting capacity of the entire lift! And we make sure it looks tidy too all lifting cables are fully enclosed within the lift structure itself.

  • 18,000-lb. lifting capacity
  • Runways include rail-kit for optional accessories
  • Runways adjust for different tread widths
  • Electric / hydraulic power system
  • Equipped with heavy-duty rear slip plates and front turn plates
  • Multiple turn plate pockets for better wheelbase accommodation
  • Fully enclosed lifting cables, safety locks, and sheaves
  • Automatic leveling system with multiple auto-leveling locking positions
  • Includes fully adjustable lock stops for precise leveling
  • Single hydraulic cylinder mounted underneath runway
  • Internal anti-sway slider blocks in each column
  • Features heavy-duty 3/4" aircraft cable
  • Rugged, 4" main sheave axles
  • Oversized sheave diameter reduces cable fatigue
  • Independent backup slack-cable safety latches
  • Multi-position safety locks in each column
  • Safety locks enclosed in columns minimize pinch points
  • Pneumatic push-button safety release
  • Runways feature non-skid surface
  • Rollback kit options available
  • Optional drive-thru ramps available
  • Optional drip trays available
  • Optional 9k 25k capacity bridge jacks available
  • Lifting capacity: 18,000 lbs. / 8,165 kg
  • Front axle max capacity: 9,000 lbs. / 4,082 kg
  • Rear axle min capacity: 9,000 lbs. / 4,082 kg
  • Overall width: 154" / 3,912 mm
  • Outside length: 201" / 5,105 mm
  • Overall length: 241" / 6,121 mm
  • Height of columns: 93" / 2,362 mm
  • Min runway height: 10-1/2" / 267 mm
  • Max rise: 60" / 1,524 mm
  • Max lifting height: 70-1/2" / 1,791 mm
  • Width between posts: 134" / 3,404 mm
  • Runway width: 22" / 559 mm
  • Width between runways: 38" 56" / 965 mm 1,422 mm
  • Length of runways: 203" / 5,156 mm
  • Min 4-wheel alignment: 83" / 2,108 mm
  • Max 4-wheel alignment: 138" / 3,505 mm
  • Max 2-wheel alignment: 151" / 3,835 mm
  • Min wheelbase @ rated capacity: 145" / 3,683 mm
  • Min wheelbase @ 75% capacity: 125" / 3,175 mm
  • Min wheelbase @ 50% capacity: 105" / 2,667 mm
  • Min wheelbase @ 25% capacity: 85" / 2,159 mm
  • Locking positions: 9
  • Lock spacing: every 6" / 152 mm
  • Lifting time: 75 sec
  • Motor: 220 VAC / 60 Hz / 1 Ph
  • Shipping weight: 5,582 lbs. / 2,537 kg
  • Shipping dimensions: 204" x 24" x 48" / 5,182 mm x 610 mm x 1,219 mm

Note: An air supply (minimum: 115 psi / 15 CFM) is
required for the safety-lock mechanisms to disengage. It is solely the
responsibility of the end-user to provide, install and maintain the air

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