Geodyna 980L EEWB710BW HD Truck/Bus Wheel Balancer



Heavy Duty Wheel Balancer with Complete Budd Wheel Package, Speed Nut, and Wheel Lift

The Hofmann Geodyna 980L adds to tire tread life with its 2-Plane/Dynamic, off-the-vehicle balancing of truck tires. A pneumatic wheel lift is standard on the Geodyna 980L, so heavy lifting is eliminated and proper wheel mounting is guaranteed. Users are assured accuracy with semi-automatic entries of wheel distance and diameter, along with easy re-calibration that saves on costly service calls. The Geodyna 980L comes standard with mounting adapters for both hub-piloted and stud-piloted truck wheels. As a bonus, the Geodyna 980L also comes with a passenger/light truck centering cone kit for automotive use.

Increase Tire Tread Life - Studies show that 2-Plane/Dynamic wheel balancing of truck tires off-the-vehicle increase their tread life considerably.
Pneumatic Wheel Lift - No Heavy Lifting - The pneumatic wheel lift, a standard feature on every geodyna 980L, aids in proper wheel mounting and reduces related strains caused by lifting heavy tires.
Wheel Adapters For Most Applications - The geodyna 980L comes standard with truck centering cones for hub piloted wheels, and the professional 4-star/5-star centering arms for stud piloted applications. As a bonus, the geodyna 980L comes with the passenger/light truck cones for automotive use.
Self-Calibration By Operator - The operator can re-calibrate the balancer in two easy steps, ensuring accuracy while saving costly service calls.
Semi-Automatic Data Entry - This time-saving feature precisely enters wheel diameter and distance utilizing the geodata arm, eliminating operator errors and customer comebacks.

Wheel Width: 2" - 20"
Maximum Wheel Assembly Width: 25"
Wheel Diameter: 8" - 30"
Maximum Wheel Assembly Diameter: 50"
Maximum Wheel Assembly Weight: 500 lbs.
Balancing Modes: 10
Motor: 1 HP (accelleration HP)
Cycle Time: From 7 seconds
Read-Outs: Gram or Ounce
Accuracy: 1g or 0.05 oz
Dimensions (W x D x H): 55" x 54" x 76"
Shipping Weight: 600 lbs.
Power Requirements: 115V, 1Ph, 50/60 Hz

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