Prism Alignment System

The award winning Prism is the world?s first alignment system to combine imaging alignment technology in a portable package. It provides dramatic productivity improvements and offers more features than conventional aligners, at a lower price. The Prism leverages a wireless communication system with BluetoothTM technology, cordless pods powered by Lithium Ion Batteries, and components made from lightweight magnesium. The Prism combines advanced technology and affordability to take your alignment business to the next level.

Productivity Enhancing Features
Zoom Readings
Individual Camber
Individual Toe
Individual Caster
Front Caster (-28° to 28°)
Front and Rear Camber (-15° to +15°)
Advanced Alignment Measurements with Readings/Specifications and Cross Values
Meter Screens
Remote Control (Optional)
3D Animation
Video Help
A-Arm Adjustments
Adjust Camber Only
Elevated Adjustments
4-Wheel Steer Adjust
Rear Shim Programs
Multiple Rack Support (3)
Adjustment Help Files
EZ-Track Database
Vehicle Specs: 25+ Years
Ride Height*
2-Wheel Alignment
Thrust Align Only
28 Languages
Multiple Print Formats
Custom Vehicle Specifications
Regional Specifications
Calibration History
Aligner System Diagnostics
Backup/Restore of Calibration and Setup Data
Integrated Help System (PDF)
Tools, Parts, and Adjustment Instructions
Advanced Customer Database with Backup/Restore
Multiple Units of Measure
Caster and SAI on Turntables
SAI Elevated
Live Caster, Camber, and Toe - Turntables
Live Caster, Camber, and Toe - Elevated
Camber and Toe - Turntables (Frozen Caster)
Camber and Toe - Elevated (Frozen Caster)
NorthStar Shim Program
Front Bushing

Front Readings
All Readings
Toe Out on Turns
FrameCheck™ Light Truck Frame Angle
Rear Readings
SAI and Thrust Angle
Front and Rear Toe

Cordless Lithium Ion Rechargeable Battery
Lithium Ion battery can go up to a full week without recharging
Battery display on the pod shows the percent charge remaining
Alerts notify the technician when the pods battery reaches a certain discharge level
Electronic components are designed with ultra-low power requirements to maximize battery performance

Hardware Thats Built to Last
Advanced design requires pods at rear wheels only, reducing overall component weight by 50%
Passive front wheel targets improve durability - no electronics to damage
Magnesium pods, targets and clamps are durable, impact resistant and lightweight

Bluetooth-Enabled Wireless Communication
Perform alignments within 330 feet (100 meters) of the console - even in areas that have high electrical interference - for true portability
Pods communicate with each other and the console using Bluetooth™ wireless technology

Computer Alignment Systems
Mobile Cabinet
State-of-the-art Dell® PC
Windows Operating System
80GB Hard Drive (minimum)
DVD Drive / 3.5" Floppy
High Speed USB 2.0
Keyboard and Optical Mouse
Network Interface
Color Ink Jet Printer

Equipment Specifications
Wheel Size: 12" - 24"
Tire Diameter: up to 37"
Track Width: 48" - 96"
Wheelbase: 70" - 180"

Power Requirements
120 V, 1 Ph, 60 Hz, 6 amp
240 V, 1 Ph, 60 Hz, 3 amp

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