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Custom Engineered, 3-Position Motorcycle Rim Clamps The COATS RC-200 tire changer features newly designed motorcycle rim clamps that provide extra clearance for sprockets and your choice of three optimized positions. The RC-200 can clamp rims up to 23" and they work just as well for smaller ATV rims down to 6" so you can handle virtually any wheel that rolls in.

Superior Bead Loosening System Optimized for motorcycle wheels with a contoured pad and back-up system. Two positions for wide chopper tires or very narrow tires to minimize the risk of wheel damage during service.

Powerful "Extra Hands" To Do Most of the Work The Robo-Arm provides extra power for flexing stiff sidewalls. Manual drop center aid also reduces effort needed for tough tires so your Technicians can concentrate on efficiency.

Complete Protection for Expensive, Delicate Wheels The COATS RC-200 tire chaneger provides protection for wheels at every step of the process. Bead loosener socks, clamp booties, and lift tool protection help prevent metal-to-metal contact that causes scratching or marring.

Robo-Arm Equipped - Provides extra power for flexing stiff sidewalls without damaging tire or rim. It works better than another pair of hands!
New 3-Position Motorcycle Rim Clamps Specifically - designed for motorcycle rims to provide the grip and protection you need for wider wheels.
Sculpted Bead Loosener - Contoured for motorcycle wheels and tires. Handles both wide and narrow tires with ease.
New Gear Reduction Turntable - Protects expensive rims and gives operator more torque at lower RPMs for more precise control over larger installs.
New Rim Clamp Pressure Control System - Indicates amount of pressure being applied to the motorcycle rim. Pressure can be adjusted with onboard regulator.
Manual Drop Center Tool - Assists in handling stiff sidewall tires by providing extra leverage. Reduces operator effort and fatigue.
Total Rim Protection Package - Clamp, lift tool, and bead loosener socks, plus duckhead booties and controlled rotation to protect the most expensive wheels.
Inflation Gauge - For safety and accuracy.
Ergonomic Foot Controls - Reduce fatigue, speed up operation, and help prevent mistakes.

Wheels Handled: Motorcycle, ATV, some automotive
Shape of Tabletop: X" shaped for rigid perimeter support of the wheel
Wheel Clamping Method: Four custom, 3 position, self centering Rim Clamps on table top actuated by a pneumatic cylinder
Bead Loosening System: Foot control actuates 8" dual action cylinder and sculpted blade
Electric Drive System: 110v, 15A single phase
Pressure Limiter: Standard
Bead Seating Reservoir: 3.8 gal. tank, pressure protected
Inflation Gauge: Easily calibrated 0 to 60 PSI gauge with protection to 200 PSI. Damage resistant Lexan faceplate
Filter Lubricator: Standard with automatic drain and large capacity lubricator bowl
Rim Diameter: 6" to 23"
Maximum Rim Width: 12.5", 14" with optional car clamps
Maximum Tire Diameter: 50"
Required Air Source: 110 to 175 PSI 2HP compressor, 5 SCFM at 150 PSI
Operating Footprint: 49" W x 48" D x 76" H
Shipping Weight: 700 lbs.

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