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Coats X-Series Model 50X Pedal/Handle Actuated Tire Changer

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The COATS 50X Series tire changer models are a perennial best seller because they pack a lot of features into a very affordable package. The manual swing arm design uses one control to adjust horizontal tool head position and a second control to adjust vertical height. The 1.5 HP air drive system allows fast and powerful control of the wheel under heavy loads while still allowing the user infinite control of wheel movement. (Alternately available with a 1 HP electric drive system.) The bead loosener features three support blocks for greater control of wheel. Precise internal or external clamping ensures proper placement of wheel on tabletop.

With the 50X Series, you are able to build it your own way.

1. Select with (70X Series) or without (50X Series) the Robo-Arm helper tool.

2. Choose your motor: Air Power or Electric.

3. Choose your Bead Loosener: Hand Operated or Foot Pedal.

4. Select your adapters and accessories: with choices from steel clamps to GripMax®,  wheel protection kits, and additional storage options.

  • Best-in-class clamping capacity comes standard with 6" - 24" external (8"-26" internal) (car & light truck only) to service the widest array of applications without secondary adapters.
  • Coats Exclusive - 50X-3 equipment also features a single-point bead sealer and more chassis storage. Provides a powerful concentrated  blast to seal beads more quickly. Less moving parts and hoses make it more reliable over time.
  • Coats Exclusive - 50X-3 equipment features a Coats exclusive - Hybrid Duckhead® Mount/Demount Head. Floating tail conforms to the rim to mirror its radius and places tire in optimal position for installation. Leading edge is positioned to put less stress on bead during removal.
  • Advanced clamp positioning allows for greater control when clamping wheels. Position clamps exactly where needed at any point between fully in and fully out. No need to wait for the clamps to have to cycle the full range.
  • Direct oil-injection system more effectively distributes oil to the moving components, ensuring better lubrication to reduce wear and lengthen life expectancy. Designed to prevent oil from being wasted during tire inflation. Container holds 180 fluid ounces, more than a year’s worth of oil for most shops, significantly reducing the need for regular replenishment.
  • Durable plastic chassis storage tray keeps your tools right where you need them. Helps keep your work area neat and organized.
  • Weight: 585 pounds
  • Operation: 1st Loosen Bead, 2nd Mount/Demount
  • Wheel Handled: Alloy & Steel, Car & Light Truck
  • Mount/Demount: Swing Arm
  • Tool Head Offset: Manual
  • Table Shape: X-Shaped
  • Wheel Clamping Method: Four Clamps, Air Cylinder Operated
  • Height of Table to Floor: 27" (686 mm)
  • Bead Loosening System: 50X*H Power in, out & freeze Hand Controlled air cylinder; 50X*F Foot Controlled, air cylinder, up to 17" wide
  • Bead Lifting System: Tire Bar
  • Air Drive System: 50XA** 1.5HP Air Motor, 110-175psi, 15scfm
  • Electric Drive System: 50XE** 1HP Electric Motor, 110v, 60hz, 15amp (110-175psi, 5scfm required for cylinders)
  • Inflation Pressure Control: Limiter
  • Assist Arms/Tools: 50X**3 Duckhead Roller; All 50X include upper support for optional Robo-Arm
  • Wheel Lift: Optional
  • Clamping Pressure Limited: None
  • Clamps: 50X**1 Steel; 50X**2&3 Grip Max
  • Bead Seating Reservoir: Vertical 3.8 Gal. in Tower
  • Inflation Gauge: 60 psi
  • Air Supply Gauge: 0-300 psi
  • Water Filter/Lubricator or Oil Injector: Oil Injector
  • Storage Tray: Plastic Tray, Metal Side Cabinet Optional
  • Inflation Guard: Optional
  • Standard Protectors: 50X**1 none; 50X**2 Nylon head, steel head inserts, Grip-Max® clamps, beadloosener & tool covers; 50X**3 adds High Spoke Nylon head
  • Max Rim Width: 14" (356mm)
  • Max Tire Diameter: 50" (1270mm)
  • Rotation Speed: Electric = 1 Speed, Air = Variable
  • Chassis Footprint: 49"w x 48"d x 76"h (76"h-shipping)
  • Recommended Work Area: 7' x 6'
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