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Coats 5040A/E Rim Clamp Tire Changer

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The Coats® 5040 Rim Clamp Tire Changer with pedal actuated bead loosener is available with air or electric drive motors. The 5040 is highly capable and can withstand regular use in the busiest of shops.

Clamps Wheels Externally Up to 21" Wheels keep getting bigger and more easy to damage. The Coats 5040A/E allows you to service larger assemblies up to 21" while providing the speed you need to keep the work moving through the shop - So you can work quickly on a variety of applications.

The Power You Need at Every Step The 5040 has conveniently-placed foot pedals that give you precise control over every step of the changing process. The Coats 1.5 hp motor (air model) helps smoothly install performance tire beads without damage. A powerful bead loosener has three support blocks and a sculpted blade to make quick work of even the most stubborn tires. Smooth operation provides faster floor to floor times and "on times".

Legendary Performance The Coats Rim Clamp® platform has become the industry standard for speed, durability, and ease of use. Count on your shop staying more productive, year after year.

Protect Those Expensive, Delicate Wheels The Coats 5040A/E provides protection for wheels at every step of the process. Optional bead loosener socks, clamp booties, and lift tool protection prevent metal-to-metal contact that causes scratching or marring.

Wheel Capability: Steel, many alloys, and some performance applications.
Tool Head Offset Adjustment: Spring assisted lift, manual set back, and lock.
Shape of Tabletop: "X" shaped for rigid perimeter support of the wheel.
Wheel Clamping Method: Four self centering clamps in table top actuated by pneumatic cylinder.
Bead Loosening System: Foot control actuates cylinder that handles wheels up to 10.5" wide.
Required Air Source (Air Drive): 110 to 175 PSI, 5 HP compressor, 14 to 15 SCFM at 150 PSI
Pressure Limiter: Standard
Bead Seating Reservoir: 3.4 gal. tank, pressure protected.
Inflation Gauge: Easily calibrated 0 to 60 PSI gauge with protection to 200 PSI. Damage resistant Lexan faceplate.
Filter Lubricator: Standard with automatic drain and large capacity lubricator bowl.

  • Clamping Range: 10" - 21" External, 12" - 24" Internal
  • Maximum Tire Diameter: 50"
  • Maximum Rim Width: 10-1/2"
  • AIR Drive System: 1.5 HP Air Motor; 110-175psi; 15scfm
  • ELECTRIC Drive System: 1HP Electric Motor, 110v, 60hz, 15amp (110-175psi, 5scfm required for cylinders)
  • Chassis Footprint: 49"w x 48"d x 70"h
  • Recommended Work Area: 6' x 6'
  • Weight: 636 lbs.
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