Coats 1250-2D

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Steeped in Tradition The Coats 1250-2D Model is the culmination of all our LED wheel balancer technology and then some. We took the most popular features from past models and added increased capacity and capability, PLUS Laser Guided Operation to this proven balancing chassis. Speed. Durability. Dependability. Repeatability. Coats delivers them all.

Laser Guided Operation Now there is no time consuming guesswork as to where the wheel balancing weights should be placed. The onboard Laser Guidance System marks the spot right at the six o'clock position. Plus, it just as easily handles those tricky behind the spoke balances that are often the most time consuming. The automatic stop on top feature also assists here by eliminating rotation searches for placement cues. Never spin another wheel wondering where that Tape-A-Weight should go.

Do Larger Wheel Assemblies with Multiple Operators The 1250, like its predecessors, comes in your choice of 28mm or 40mm shafts but this model is the first to offer an increased wheel size capacity. The new geometry handles up to 30 inch rims and up to 44 inch diameter assemblies. The multi-operator feature is standard issue so it holds two operator presets across your choice of 8 balancing modes.

Ergonomic, Static on Screen Display Easy to read LED visual cues and keypad promote proper balancing techniques and faster floor-to-floor times. Static-on-Screen, a simultaneous display of static and dynamic data, identifies any excess residual static imbalance.

  • Laser Guided Operation eliminates error by displaying exact Tape-A-Weight placement and behind the spoke locations of wheel balancing weights.
  • Control Panel with easy to read position indicators and an integrated VFD display delivers ease of use & promote proper balancing techniques.
  • Direct Select any of eight balancing modes offering several alloy options, plus patch balance.
  • Simultaneous display of static & dynamic data identifies any excess residual static imbalance.
  • Easy Behind the Spoke Weight Placement helps maintain a clean look on custom wheels.
  • 1.5 HP Direct Drive Motor delivers longevity with no belts to slip or pulleys to wear out.
  • Automatic offset and diameter data entry increases productivity and provides accuracy for single spin balances
  • Direct TAW Placement and Laser Guided Operation eliminates guesswork, resulting in 1-spin TAW balances
  • LED display provides needed information for all 8 balancing modes. Simultaneous display of static and dynamic data identifies excess residualstatic imbalance. Easy to read position indicators.
  • Integrated VFD display provides the operator step-by-step instruction through the balancing process
  • Laser Guidance eliminates error by displaying exact Tape-A-Weight placement and behind the spoke weight placement locations
  • Automatic offset and diameter measurement with manual control backups
  • Five second (avg) balancing cycle begins when you lower the hood
  • Static, dynamic, four alloy options, behind the spoke (onall modes with inside weight), plus patch balance
  • Can be ordered in 28mm or 40mm configurations.
  • No belts to slip or pulleys to wear out
  • Wheel balancing weights bin is strategically laid out so the weights you use most are right at your fingertips

Balancing Modes: 8
Tire Diameter: Up to 44"
Rim Width: 2" to 20"
Max. Tire Wt.: 160 lbs.
Shaft Diameter: 28mm or 40mm (via selected accessory kit)
Shaft Length: 8-5/8"
Resolution Oz.: 0.01
Resolution Degrees: 1.4
Accuracy: Oz.: 0.1
Power Requirement: 220v AC, 1P, 60Hz (8121250),220v AC, 3P, 60Hz (812125002)
Accessory Storage: Optional Peg Kit (8111480)
Footprint: 57"W x 50"D
Shipping Weight: 625 lbs.

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