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Coats Wheel Balancer, Flat Screen, 40mm, Auto Distance/Diameter/Width, 160 lb unit, Cones to 5.25", Pegs, EB, 220V 1 / 3 Phase

LCD Flat-Screen and On-Board Training The Model 1250-3DV adds a new video dimension to our proven, direct drive balancer technology. The commercial grade LCD flat-screen walks technicians through the balancing process with life-like animation. It's like having a live demo every step of the way. Direct Drive? Coats' patented Direct Drive system improves balancing speed, accuracy, and dependability. And when you see zeros, you know the wheel is balanced unlike belt-drive systems. Plus, the 1.5 HP Direct Drive Motor gives you the speed and long-term performance you've come to trust from Coats. 3-D Auto Data Entry No more punching in data manually. With the swipe of an arm, sensors automatically measure all three parameters for analyzing the balance. A real time-saver, with manual control backup. Laser Guided Operation? The beam of a laser saves time and takes the guesswork out of where to place Tape-A-Weights. The onboard Laser Guidance System pinpoints the proper weight position. Plus, it just as easily handles those tricky behind the spoke balances that are often most time consuming. Total Balancing Solutions Coats provides more than balancing equipment. We offer total balancing solutions that give you minimum downtime, maximum productivity, and years of dependable service. Plus a complete collection of accessories to make sure the balancer you purchase today is still your primary shop tool years down the road.

Embedded LCD Flat-Screen with Keypad Total Technician Training with life-like animation. Allows technician to watch, then follow steps for accuracy. Multioperator feature holds two pre-sets across eight balancing modes.
Direct Drive Extremely fast and durable 1.5 HP Direct Drive Motor. No belts to slip, no pulleys to wear out.
3-D Auto Data Entry Automatic offset and diameter measurement with manual control backups. The hood Sonar calculates third data parameter (width) automatically.
Static on Screen Static and dynamic data identifies excess residual static imbalance.
EB Balancing Mode Eliminates the static imbalance, then calculates the least weight needed to bring dynamic within acceptable limits. The result is less weight consumption costs.
Laser Guided Operation Eliminates error by displaying exact Tape-A-Weight placement and behind the spoke weight placement locations.
Auto Start Hood Five second (avg) balancing cycle begins when you lower the hood.
8 Balancing Modes Static, dynamic, four alloy options, behind the spoke (on all modes with inside weight), plus patch balance.
Removable Shaft Can be ordered in 28mm or 40mm configurations.
Weight Storage System Weight bin is laid out logically so the weights you use most are right at your fingertips.

Balancing Modes: 8
Tire Diameter: 8" to 30"
Rim Width: 2" to 20"
Maximum Tire Diameter: Up to 44"
Max. Tire Wt.: 160 lbs.
Shaft Diameter: 40mm
Resolution (Round Off Mode): 0.25oz, position .70
Power Requirement: 220v AC, 1 Ph, 60 Hz (85000330), 220v AC, 3 Ph, 60 Hz (850003302)
Footprint: 57" w x 50" d
Shipping Weight: 680 lbs.

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