Coats 1250-3D Laser Guided Auto Data Entry Wheel Balancer


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Coats Wheel Balancer, LED, 40mm, Auto Distance/Diameter/Width, 160 lb unit, Cones to 5.25", Pegs, EB, 220V 1 / 3 Phase

Direct Drive? Coats patented Direct Drive system improves balancing speed, accuracy, and dependability. And when you see zeros, you know the wheel is balanced unlike belt-drive systems. Plus, the 1.5 HP Direct Drive Motor gives you the speed and long-term performance you've come to trust from Coats. 3-D Auto Data Entry No more punching in data manually. With the swipe of an arm, sensors automatically measure all three parameters for analyzing the balance. A real time-saver, with manual control backup. Stop & Lock The 1250-3D automatically positions the tire and wheel assembly at the corrective weight position and holds the spindle to aid wheel weight installation. Then, with the push of a button, the tire and wheel assembly is automatically indexed to the next corrective weight position. The result is an increase in overall cycle time and accurate corrective weight placements. Laser Guided Operation? Now there's no time-consuming guesswork as to where that Tape-A-Weight should be placed. The onboard Laser Guidance System marks the spot right at the six o'clock position. Plus, it just as easily handles those tricky behind the spoke balances that are often most time consuming. The automatic stop on top feature also assists here by eliminating rotation searches for placement cues. Never spin another wheel wondering where that Tape-A-Weight should go. Ergonomic, LED Interface featuring Static on Screen? Display Easy-to-read LED visual cues and keypad promote proper balancing techniques and faster floor-to-floor times. Integrated VFD display provides the operator stepby-step instruction through the balancing process. Static on ScreenTM, a simultaneous display of static and dynamic data, identifies any excess residual static imbalance.

Control Panel - LED display operators provide needed information for all 8 balancing modes.
Laser Guided OperationĀ® - Eliminates error by displaying exact Tape-A-Weight placement and behind the spoke weight placement locations.
3-D Auto Data Entry - Automatic offset and diameter measurement with manual control backups. The hood Sonar calculates third data parameter (width) automatically.
Auto Start Hood - Five second (avg) balancing cycle begins when you lower the hood.
8 Balancing Modes - Static, dynamic, four alloy options, behind the spoke (on all modes with inside weight), plus patch balance.
40 MM Shaft - Designed to handle the toughest passenger car and light truck applications.
1.5 HP AC Direct Drive Motor - No belts to slip or pulleys to wear out.
Weight Storage System - Weight bin is laid out logically so the weights you use most are right at your fingertips.
EB Balancing Mode - Eliminates the static imbalance, then calculates the least weight needed to bring dynamic within acceptable limits. The result is less weight consumption costs.
Stop & Lock - Automatically positions and holds the tire and wheel assembly position to aid accurate wheel weight installation.

Balancing Modes: 8
Wheel Tire Diameter: 8" to 30"
Wheel Width Range: 2" to 20"
Maximum Tire Diameter: Up to 44"
Maximum Tire Weight: 160 lbs.
Shaft Diameter: 40mm
Resolution (Round Off Mode): 0.25oz, position .70
Power Requirement: 220v AC, 1 Ph, 60 Hz (85009979), 220v AC, 3 Ph, 60 Hz (8500997901)
Footprint: 57" w x 50" d
Shipping Weight: 680 lbs.

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