Coats 1175 40MM Wheel Balancer


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Coats Wheel Balancer, LED, 40mm, Auto Distance / Diameter, 150 lb unit, Cones to 5.25", Pegs, 220V

The Perfect Medium-Duty Back-Up Machine. Or Your One and Only. Whether you want to begin offering wheel balancing to stay more competitive or just need a back-up machine for the full-featured balancer you already have, our Coats® 1175 is a great choice. Designed for operator ease and speed, it offers years of rugged durability and dependability, and performs like a high-end balancer all for a value price. Color LED Matrix Information Box Get balancing information at a glance from the information box. Using our convenient, easy-to-read keypad entry system, the COATS® Model 1175 has self-calibration accuracy within 1/100 of an ounce, so balancing is fast and efficient even for a rookie. Can handle standard OEM tires up to 34" diameter and 150 lbs. Automatic Distance & Diameter Data Entry Automatic offset and diameter measurements make each balance quick and precise. Direct Tape-A-Weight Placement Audible beeps indicate exact placement of Tape-A-Weights and take the guesswork out of those tricky behind-the-spoke balances.

  • Color LED Matrix Information Box Easy-to-read visual cues, critical information at a glance and promote proper balancing techniques and faster bay turnaround times
  • 10 Balancing Modes: Multiple static, dynamic, and alloy modes
  • Automatic Distance & Diameter Entry Automatic measurement of two parameters with manual control back-ups
  • Direct Tape-A-Weight Placement Audible beep guides you to perfect placement, every time
  • Auto Start Hood: Balancing cycle begins when you lower the hood
  • Expanded Storage: A 16-pocket weight tray provides easily reachable, abundant storage.
  • 40 mm Shaft
  • Uses all standard Coats accessories!
  • Tape-A-Weight and Hidden Weight Capability keeps weights out of sight
  • Space Saving Design: Put your balancing station virtually anywhere.
  • Self-Calibrating provides balancing accuracy within 1/100 of an ounce
  • Accessory Storage Side peg system helps keep your balancer operation more organized

Balancing Modes: 10
Maximum Tire Diameter: 34"
Rim Width: 2" to 20"
Rim Diameter: Up to 30"
Maximum Tire Weight: 150 lbs.
Shaft Diameter: 40 mm
Balancing Speed: 100 RPM
Motor: 220v, 1Ph
Shipping Weight: 264 lbs.

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