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After debuting the BL-3500 QuickJack, with it's 3,500-lb capacity, Ranger Products was inundated with requests for a QuickJack with a beefier lifting capacity. You asked for it....QuickJack gave you the BL-5000SLX Portable Car Lifting System with a bigger and better 5,000-lb capacity!

Still not enough! We need more!

Meet your new best friend in the garage and at the track. The QuickJack BL-7000SLX is our heaviest-duty, ultra-portable car and truck lifting system. If you have dreamed about a professional-capacity lift in your home garage or want the muscle to be able to detail all of your clients' vehicles like the big guys; the QuickJack is your ticket to the big leagues.

With your order is included the SUV & Light Truck Adapter Kit at no additional charge. The BL-7000-SLX can be ordered without the adapter kit for $1490.

Why is the BL-7000SLX currently sold out?
QuickJack was originally invented for racers to get underneath their low-profile race cars quickly, easily and safely. We soon realized that with a few structural changes, QuickJack would become the only truly portable car lift capable of lifting a 7,000-lb. truck or SUV 20" off the ground. When you’re the only one of your kind, you never really know how things will turn out. Not that we’re disappointed, but our truck and SUV-driving customers responded by ordering BL-7000SLX models faster than we could make them. Our manufacturing plant will take until October to start shipping 7000 models again.

Just to be clear, not everyone needs a 7000-lb. capacity car jack. In fact, our BL-5000SLX model has the same safety rating as the 7000 model; in other words, a lift is safe up to its listed weight capacity, and a 4,500-lb. vehicle, for instance, is not "safer" on the 7000 model than it is on the 5000 model. If you’d still like to be our next recipient of the BL-7000SLX, then you are welcome to place your order today, understanding that while it will not ship until October, you will be charged at the time your order is placed.

We apologize for any inconvenience this delay may cause, and we are adjusting our production to ensure we never run into a shortage like this again. QuickJack is committed to customer satisfaction and will provide updates on shipping orders as we get them.

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  • 7,000-pound capacity
  • From stow to go in less than 60-seconds
  • Dual-position automatic safety lock bars engage automatically as the lift rises
  • Dual locking positions – mid level and full rise
  • Extended, cantilevered rubber block trays provide increased rubber block reach
  • Portable power unit features a remote push-button control for simple operation
  • Steel mounted UHMW wheels provide effortless rolling of jack frames on floor
  • Remote pendant control features a 13-foot cord
  • Power unit features a built-in hydraulic flow divider for precise equalized lifting
  • Open-center design for clear under car access
  • Quick-connect/disconnect hoses for fast and convenient set-up
  • Convenient handles allow for easy positioning of the jack frames
  • Strong 14-gauge welded steel frames
  • It’s a jack you can use when you need it then conveniently store out of the way
  • Provides quick wheels-free convenience for brake and tire service and clear undercarriage access of all types of vehicles
  • Low-profile jack frames fit under most race cars
  • Powerful hydraulic cylinders eliminate the need for screw mechanisms
  • Integrated power-assist canisters increase the lowering speed
  • Hydraulic cylinders feature integrated velocity-fuse safety valves
  • A convenient metal carrier with handle keeps the power unit protected and easily mobile
  • Includes an eight piece set of adjustable and stackable rubber lift blocks to support cars at precise locations for increased stability and safety
  • Detailed installation, maintenance and safety instructions accompany each QuickJack system
  • Durable powder coat finish

QuickJack Garage Lift Dimensions



Lifting Capacity 7,000 lbs. / 3175 kg.
(A) Minimum Collapsed Height 3.5" / 89 mm.
(B) Platform Lifting Height (Frame only) 18.2" / 462 mm.
(C) Platform Lifting Height (Small Rubber Block) 18.5" / 469 mm.
(D) Platform Lifting Height (Tall Rubber Block) 19.5" / 495 mm.
(E) Platform Lifting Height (Stacked Rubber Blocks) 21.5" / 546 mm.
(F) Frame Width 12.5" / 318 mm.
(G) Rubber Lift Block Position - Max. 60" / 1524 mm.
(H) Rubber Lift Block Position - Min. 31.5" / 800 mm.
(I) Overall Frame Length 72.5" / 1841 mm.
Individual Frame Weight (ea.) 91 lbs. / 41 kg.
Power Unit Weight 35 lbs. / 16 kg.
Gross Weight 242 lbs. / 110 kg.
Noise < 45dBA








12-Volt DC N/A 0.8 N/A 70
110-Volt AC 60 0.55 1 10-15
208-230-Volt AC 50/60 0.55 1 5-8
240 Volt AC 50 0.55 1 4-6

IMPORTANT NOTE: EXTENSION CORDS ARE NOT RECOMMENDED. Using extensions cords can adversely affect operation and can cause overheating conditions and damage to power unit. If using an extension cord, use the shortest cord possible. Refer to extension cord size chart below.

Cord Length

AWG size/rating

25 feet 14 gauge
50 feet 14 gauge
75 feet 12 gauge

Ranger QuickJack Garage Demo - Video

QuickJack at the Race Track - Video

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