18,000 Lb. Cap. Parking Lift / Triple / Independent Platforms / SPECIAL ORDER


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The PL-6KT triple-wide puzzle-style parking lift is one of the most efficient parking units ever designed. The key to its design is the streamlined, fourcolumn structure that leaves all three lifting platforms free from surrounding posts, making it safer and easier to enter and exit parked vehicles. This car lift is equally useful in large residential garages and commercial spaces. Municipal parking lots and custom shops in need of extra parking don’t need to waste money buying multiple lifts that may or may not even fit in their space. A triple-wide lift is the most efficient way to turn three parking spots into six. One lift houses six vehicles If you’re in need of a lot of extra parking, your first instinct may be to buy multiple parking lifts. However, the smarter bet is to order a BendPak triple-wide specialty lift. These unique puzzle lifts house six vehicles for long or short-term storage. As you might expect, it’s less expensive to buy one extra-wide lift than it is to buy three smaller parking lifts. It also takes up less space and won’t clutter your garage.

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