12,000 Lb. Cap. Parking Lift / Tandem / Independent Platforms / SPECIAL ORDER


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The PL-6KDT is an indoor-outdoor puzzle lift that holds a total of four vehicles in its frame. Dual hydraulic cylinders and a pair of stabilizing lifting cables support two lifting platforms. The cables are routed internally throughout the parking lift. This lift is intended for use by anyone with four vehicles but only one wide garage area to store them. You’ll be surprised to see how well this unit fits in a variety of garage sizes. In the right space, it can be successfully utilized for either commercial or residential purposes. Choose extended-width For wide-clearance vehicles, the PL-6KDTX puzzle lift extends the columns a little wider. This ensures that truck mirrors pass through the lift structure, and vehicle doors have a little more room to open and close. Some folks find the extra space more accommodating when they need to access the vehicle

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