Branick 675 Mobile Nitrogen Inflation System


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Nitrogen Generator, 30 Gal. Portable Tank, 8.0 cfm, Vacuum System (285 lbs)

The Model 675 is the ideal solution for large passenger and light truck facilities that need a little more output while still having the capability to bring nitrogen to the vehicle instead of the vehicle to the nitrogen. With 8.0 CFM of nitrogen output and the automatic Purgen Flate system that allows you to inflate up to six tires at once, this is the premium automatic nitrogen inflator in the market today.

Air Input: 15.6 cfm @ 150psi / 75°F
Air Input Range: 100 to 175 psi
N2 Output: 8.0 cfm @ 150 psi / 75°F
N2 Purity: 95% to 99.9%
N2 Dewpoint: -70° F
Operation Temp: 40° to 140°F
Inlet Port: 3/8" NPT
N2 Purity Port: Yes
Auto Shut-Off: Yes
Pre-Filters: 2
Filter Maint. Indicator: Yes
Air Inlet Pres. Gauge: Yes
N2 Outlet Press. Gauge: Yes
Dimensions: 33" D X 27" W X 46" H
Weight: 285 Lbs
Mobile: Yes
Tires Inflated: 1 to 6 (4 hoses included)
Aux. N2 Outlet Port: 1
N2 Storage Tank: 30 gal.
Inflator By-Pass Port: 3/8" NPT
N2 Tank Purge Valve: Yes
Inflator Set Press. Range: 5 psi to 145 psi
Inflator Accuracy: +/- 0.3 psi
Display Increments: 1psi
Units of Measurement: psi
N2 Purges: 0 to 9
Power Supply: (rechargable) 12V DC Ni-MH

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