Branick 500 Tower Nitrogen Generator


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Nitrogen Generator, No Tank, 7.1 cfm Tower Unit with Filters

The Model 500 is the "backbone" of the Branick line of nitrogen generators, and still our most popular. With the capability to handle high volume passenger and light truck facilities as well as light volume commercial truck applications, it's a real "workhorse" without straining your air compressor. This tower unit with 7.1 SCFM of nitrogen output is the best value in the Branick line when you consider cost per scfm output of nitrogen.

Air Input: 13.8 scfm @ 160 psi / 75° F
Air Input Range: 100 psi to 175 psi
N2 Output: 7.1 scfm
N2 Purity: 95% to 99.9%
N2 Dewpoint: -70° F
Operation Temp: 40° to 150°F
Inlet Port: 3/8 NPT
Outlet Port: 3/8 NPT
N2 Purity Port: Yes
Auto Shut-Off: Yes
Pre-Filters: 2
Maint. Indicator (filters): Yes
N2 Outlet Press. Gauge: Yes
Dimensions: 19" x 19" x 72"
Weight: 185 Lbs

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Weight 185 lbs


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