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The XPR-9DS features double-telescoping screw pads with gouge and tear-resistant polyurethane pads to help increase workplace safety and reduce operating costs. A set of our 63 mm stacking adapters included as standard accessories.

BendPak’s latest incarnation of XPR Two-Post Automotive Lifts offers a wide selection of durable, safe and reliable systems for virtually every lifting application. Specifically, the heavy-duty XPR-9DS Floor Plate Auto Lift is a swift lifter with a rich feature set designed to enhance productivity and efficiency, while reducing the need for maintenance and service. With lower operating costs and enhanced productivity, the BendPak XPR-9DS is the perfect two-post lifting solution for your shop or garage. Get ready to do more.

The XPR-9DS is precision, open-top style car lift with a maximum weight capacity of 9,000-lbs and is CE approved and certified. Not only is it capable of raising some of your largest full-sized vans, trucks and commercial vehicles, but also gentle enough to provide service support for compact sports cars of all makes and models. And for added ease-of-use, our dual-synchro equalization system and user-friendly controls are simple to understand and operate.

The “D” in XPR-9DS stands for the dual “direct-drive” low-pressure cylinders that minimize leakage and reduce the strain resulting from heavy workloads that would otherwise be placed on the entire hydraulic system. This exclusive BendPak design feature saves you maintenance costs throughout the life of your lift—you aren’t going to find user-focused convenience like this anywhere else.

Some other BendPak XPR Two-Post Lift Series innovations include: 16 individual maintenance-free UHMW load bearings, single-piece columns, extra-tall lifting carriages and oversize 5” cable sheaves. And, to better cater to your specific automotive lifting needs, we offer similar model lifts with optional specialty arm configurations.

The entire series of XPR Two-Post Lifts is a perfect example of BendPak’s continuing commitment to producing automotive lifts of only the highest quality and utmost reliability. Featuring the most advanced engineered technology available in the industry, our car lifts are built to safety standards well above OSHA/ALI/ETL requirements. The BendPak XPR Two-Post Car Lifts include a wealth of standard and optional features to support the operator with performance and security. Combined with BendPak’s tradition of durable design, the XPR Two-Post Lift Series has become the new industry gold standard trusted by automotive technicians the world over.

Whatever the job, there's a BendPak XPR-Series 2-Post Lift designed to meet your needs. The XPR-Series features and impressive roster of options and accessories that allows you to fully tailor your lift for any unique garage project. But long before you start looking at options, you'll be impressed with the long list of standard features and capabilities packed into every BendPak XPR-Series Two-Post Lift.

When you purchase a BendPak car lift, you can expect a significant boost in both performance and automotive lift life expectancy. In fact, your BendPak XPR-9DS might be the last lift you ever purchase. No one surpasses BendPak in quality and safety. When you get a BendPak car lift, you get more than just a fantastic piece of heavy-duty garage equipment; you get peace of mind.

Getting the right lift for your application is easy. Give us a call today to discuss your needs!


  • 9,000-lb lifting capacity
  • Adjustable width design configures for wide or narrow installation
  • Direct-drive lifting system eliminates chains and pulleys
  • Dual hydraulic lifting cylinders
  • Single-piece columns
  • Single point safety release
  • Drop-end arms provide alower pad height
  • Triple-telescoping arms provide increased range for lifting point access
  • Electric / hydraulic power system
  • Large, 20" x 19" steel base plates
  • Self-lubricating dura-glide polyethylene bearing system
  • Safety locks in each column spaced every 3-inches
  • Automatic arm restraints
  • Heavy-duty dual 3/8" equalizer cables with oversize cable sheaves
  • 8-piece truck and van adapter set comes standard


  • Lifting capacity*: 9,000 lbs. / 4,082 kg
  • *Max capacity / front axel: 4,500 lbs. / 2,041 kg
  • *Max capacity / rear axel: 4,500 lbs. / 2,041 kg
  • Overall height: 145" / 3,683 mm
  • Overall width (NARROW CONFIG): 132" / 3,353 mm
    Overall width (WIDE CONFIG): 145" / 3,683 mm
  • Width outside of columns (NARROW CONFIG): 126-3/4" / 3,225 mm
    Width outside of columns (WIDE CONFIG): 139-3/4 / 3,555 mm
  • Floor pan height: 1-3/4" / 44 mm
  • Inside columns (NARROW CONFIG): 102" / 2,591 mm
  • Inside columns (WIDE CONFIG): 118" / 3,538 mm
  • Front arm min reach: 27-1/2" / 698 mm
  • Front arm max reach: 51-1/2" / 1,308 mm
  • Rear arm min reach: 34" / 863 mm
  • Rear arm max reach: 54-1/2" / 1,384 mm
  • Min pad height: 4" / 102 mm
  • Rise: 69" / 1,753 mm
  • Lift height max (pad only): 73" / 1,854 mm
  • Lift height max (6" adapter): 79" / 2,007 mm
  • Drive-thru clearance (NARROW): 93" / 2,362 mm
  • Drive-thru clearance (WIDE): 106" / 2,692 mm
  • Motor: 220 VAC / 60 Hz / 1 Ph
  • Time to full rise: 45 sec
  • Max load per arm: 2,250 lbs. / 1,021 kg

*Not all BendPak lift models meet the standards as prescribed by ANSI/ALI ALCTV-2006 or ANSI/UL 201. Consult for a complete list or contact BendPak via

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