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BendPak has been building benders for more than three decades, with a single overriding priority - performance. The 1302BAS-302 Semi-automatic exhaust pipe bender includes the 302 die package and two separate end finishing units at rear for all necessary flaring and expanding. This tubing bender has a three-button control for automatic or manual bending operations.

To take advantage of the machine's full capabilities - consider adding the 3" tooling package for larger jobs.


BendPak has been at this for more than four decades and has a crystal clear view of what works and what doesn't. But more than anything else, their single overriding priority with each pipe bender is unmatched performance and quality. BendPak assembly personnel and R&D teams test each bender as it comes off the assembly line, closely scrutinizing every detail to make sure it works as good as or better than designed. The BendPak name has long stood for the benchmark of quality. When it comes to a BendPak Bender, it's like our name's on it twice.

Sure these benders are powerful, but at BendPak they're in the business of empowering you. That's why they offer an entire spectrum of bender models with different architectures to suit your personal bending styles. The classic Blue Bullet series of manual benders is perfect for fabricators who love working with their hands, but we also offer feature-rich, digitally controlled automatic and this semi-automatic bender if you're looking for extreme machine precision. Or, if you work with your back to the wall, check out the side-loading swager models. Giving you the complete package, BendPak standard and deluxe die packages ensure that whatever specialty bend you're going for, you can achieve it on your BendPak Bender. They've been making benders for longer than most companies have been in business—it's safe to call us the bending authority.

Maximum bending radius: 5" / 127 mm.
Minimum bending radius: 3-1/2" / 89 mm.
Maximum tube capacity: 3" / 76 mm. / .095 wall
Dies supplied ( 302 Die package ): 1-1/2", 1-3/4", 1-7/8, 2", 2-1/4", 2-1/2"
Top cylinder working force: 60,000 lbs.
Hydraulic filter: 60,000 lbs.
Standard motor: 5-HP / 208-230 VAC / 60 HZ. / 1ph.

--Two separate end finishing units at rear for all necessary flaring and expanding
--Three-button control for automatic or manual bending operations
--Includes 302 die package
--Comes complete with quick release bending and end finishing dies
--Includes high-speed clampless swager and internal expander
--Updated bend data system available for automobiles and light trucks dating back to 1960
--Clampless swager - easy to use drop-in collars makes swaging operations quick and efficient
--Twist-lock tooling - quick change tooling saves time
--Integrated power relief control valve - control valve features oversize handles and built in pressure relief system
--Pass-through cylinder stem - the top cylinder stem passes completely through the main frame
--Rigid frame - a rigid 6" x 6" x 3/8" welded steel tube is used for the main frame
--Commercial grade hydraulic cylinders - industrial cylinders provides better performance and reliability
--Chrome-molly shafts - all cylinders features hardened chrome-molly shafts that conform to ANSI 92.2 standards
--Quick release bending dies - quick change tooling means faster set up times
--Precision ground bending head - all bending head surfaces are surface ground within .002 of an inch
--Clutter free bending area - controls are enclosed to keep the front obstruction free
--Oversize barrel shafts - large 2-1/2" diameter machined steel barrel shafts used in conjunction with oil impregnated bronze bushings provide ultimate dependability and minimum maintenance
--Grease fittings - standard grease fittings allow for simple lubrication
--Controls - NEMA rated on/off switch box incorporates overload relays that automatically disrupt power supply should an over-current situation occur.
--Pressure gauges - know exactly what the system pressures are at all times
--Industrial grade casters - large cast iron casters help you easily move the bender around your shop
--Adjustable pressure valve - adjust back gate pressure easily with this adjustment screw located right up front
--One piece barrel - a one piece solid steel barrel is your assurance that the bending gates stay perfectly aligned with the bending ram
--Heat-treated tooling - all machined steel tooling is heat treated for greater service life
--Convenient tool trays - keeps your tooling organized
--Strong motor - a large 5 HP Baldor energy efficient motor is used for maximum performance
--Direct-drive pump - a direct-drive high speed 4 GPM pump is used for maximum power and performance
--Single enclosed bottom cylinder - this single bottom cylinder applies pressure evenly to the back gates and because it is hidden, does not interfere with the tubing
--Large capacity reservoir - a large fluid reservoir keeps the hydraulic oil running cooler and contamination to a minimum
--Filtered hydraulic system - a canister type oil filter keeps the oil contamination free
--Oil sight gauges - allows you to visually inspect oil levels
--Over size hose - we purposely use 1/2 high pressure hose for better speed and cooling characteristics
--Open sided swager box - means easier access and less chance of crashing tools and damaging the cylinder

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