HD-9 Series Aluminum Deck – Short/Narrow



This optional two-piece, full-length middle deck platform fits all* BendPak HD-9 Series lifts providing additional storage space. The lightweight aluminum decks transform your lift into a mezzanine lifting system providing additional square footage for storing motorcycles, ATV's or other garage clutter up and out of the way. Lightweight aluminum construction makes removal and installation a cinch so you can gain hassle-free access to the vehicle underside whenever you need to. They also prevent potentially harmful fluids from dripping below the lift platform so you can rest easy knowing that bottom vehicles, equipment and flooring are protected from nasty spills. An attractive diamond-pate finish provides a sure-footed non-slip surface.

*THISĀ Aluminum Solid Deck is compatible with the following BendPak lift models at the narrow runway settingĀ : HD-7P, HD-7W, HD-9ST, HD-9. (BendPak part number 5210207)

**Additional shipping fees may apply.Shipping costs are FREE when shipped with attributed main product. Freight added when shipped separately. Rural Area Surcharge may apply. See RATZ chart for Rural Area listings.

  • Fits all HD-9 Series lifts
    • Part 5210207 fits HD-7P, HD-7W, HD-9ST, HD-9
  • Solid steel construction
  • Protects vehicles, equipment and flooring from harmful fluids
  • Easy mounting / dismounting
  • Additional storage

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